Virtual Teaching: Learning Never Stops


As you look to teach and learn remotely during the current global pandemic, let us help.

  • Educators, we can help you continue to connect with your students.
  • Learners, we can help you continue your studies.


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Cisco is bringing its collective resources, technologies and experience to assist you. Enabling continuous connections and collaboration anywhere in the world are what Cisco is built for! We welcome all Cisco Networking Academy partners, institutions and students—along with those new to Cisco—to utilize these tools.

Because working together unites us in good times and challenging ones.



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Current educators

Transition to remote teaching!

We’ll show you how to get the right technology, set up study spaces and begin hosting lectures from anywhere. All you have to do is download Cisco’s Webex technology; learn best practices by joining a webinar then review some teaching tips.


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Prospective educators

Embrace online teaching and work from anywhere!

We arm you with best-in-class learning curriculum, platform and resources. So you can break through classroom walls and reach more students. Instructor, Stephanie Harvey says she has live sessions with her students once or twice a week from Alaska. You can too.


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Prepare for remote learning if you haven’t already!

Studying with Cisco comes with the technology to join classes virtually with Webex when your instructors offer this. During this time, we suggest you start preparing to study from home by accessing some tips and tricks below.


studentExplore Something New
By taking an EX·PLORE course with Cisco Networking Academy. Delve into topics like Cybersecurity, Linux, IoT and Python. Use this time to benefit you.

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Student Tips

Attending classes remotely using Webex:

  • Do practice meeting by yourself to get use to its features
  • If you have bandwidth issues, turn off your video
  • Remember to mute phone during lectures and unmute it for discussion time
  • Consider getting a headset to block out background noise
  • Remember to check Webex Teams class space regularly