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Introduction to Digitization and Internet of Everything Webinar Series

Everything is being connected, becoming intelligent, and thoughtfully green: from office buildings and appliances to hospitals and schools. Citizens and businesses are enjoying unprecedented levels of collaboration, productivity, and economic growth without compromising the environment. The Internet of Everything (IoE) is here today.

In this webinar series we cover how IoE will influence every aspect of our life, such as:

  • How we build our cities
  • How we teach our future and current generation of learners
  • How we secure and store our information
  • How we analyze and make decisions
  • How we create and grow all of our industries

Session 1: IoE and Data Analytics

How will data analytics be used with the new economy influenced IoE?

Learn more about the intersection as well as the evolution between data analytics and IoE. Find out about how analytics unlocks the predictive potential of data to improve financial performance, strategic management, and operational efficiency in companies all over the world.

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Session 2: IoE and Education

Technology has had an amazing impact on education, but what we have seen so far is nothing compared to the exciting changes that will be created by the IoE in the coming decade.

The networked connections among people, processes, data and things will change not just how education is delivered, but will also redefine what students need to learn, and why. Whether you are a learner or educator in the world of IoE, this webinar will introduce you to revolutionary IoE solutions that will help shape the education industry.

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Session 3: IoE and Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare providers are using the power of digitization to expand their outreach within and outside their system. From connecting patients with chronic medical conditions to using mobile technologies to help remind patients to take their medications on time; hospitals are incorporating new and innovative ways to improve the efficiency of care-delivery.

Our speaker, focused on how the Internet of Everything is enhancing the quality of care by connecting the unconnected.

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Session 4: IoE and Security

With currently almost 14 billion things connected, the Internet of Everything (IoE) requires security of everything. Learn about the security framework protecting the IoE and how security is becoming increasingly more important every day.

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Session 5: IoE, Cloud, and Mobility

IoE is driving new security considerations especially when coupled with the intersection of Cloud, Applications, and Social.

Listen in as we discuss the further anticipated growth and innovation in the Internet of Everything era and much needed skill sets to address the security and privacy implications.   We discuss how you can map your career track to the IoE evolution and its corresponding required security and privacy requirements.

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Session 6: IoE and Smart Cities

The foundation for the city of the future will be the network and the information it carries, enabling the delivery of vital services from transportation, utilities, and security to entertainment, education, and healthcare.

Learn how intelligent networks are connecting the unconnected in cities and bringing together citizens, businesses, communities and urban leaders to solve real world challenges.

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Session 7: IoE and Smart Connected Industries

How are we connecting new places – such as manufacturing floors, energy grids, and transport systems?

Our speaker will share insight into which new technologies are being implemented across leading industrial markets including defense, manufacturing, education, and utilities.

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Session 8: IoE and Technology Innovation

To ride the Innovation wave, it is important to understand what role you play as a Networking Academy student and how you can map your journey to be a part of the digital revolution.

This session explores how different industries and businesses benefit from Innovation as a result of the Internet of Everything.

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